top 10 crazy rumors about celebrities

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity but these viral rumors tell a different story. Today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 crazy rumors about celebrities.

10. Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain the leader of one of rock's most gifted and promising bands Nirvana is dead. The 1994 suicide of Nirvana's lead singer left the world in such shock that some have even claimed that it wasn't a suicide. And the suggestion that Kurt Cobain was killed is more than just a rumor as there was actually a murder investigation. This theory has been taken even further targeting Cobain's wife Courtney Love as the main suspect. Although the investigation never came to anything conclusive - a lot of people continue to believe Cobain's death was a homicide. That the suicide note was forged and the Courtney was behind it all.

9. Walt Disney's dead body was frozen.

This is not Santa's workshop. it's just one section of a creative world where new attractions for Disneyland are conceived officially. The legendary Walt Disney was cremated after his death in 1966. However rumors continued to circulate that he actually had his body cryogenically frozen in the hopes that future technology would allow him to be reanimated. Not only that but apparently his frozen body is buried underneath one of the rides at Disneyland. During his lifetime Disney was very invested in technology and the future. So several biographies treat this frozen corpse theory as a real possibility. But Disney's daughter maintains that it simply isn't true. Regardless of what you take as truth - rest assured that if you want to live forever freezing your body is a lot more complicated than flying off to Neverland.


8. Paul is dead.

The Beatles changed the world of music forever. But unfortunately as of early 2016 only two of the Fab Four are left. Along with Ringo Starr Paul McCartney is still alive. Or is he worse have circulated since 1969 that Paul died in a car crash and was replaced with a look-alike. The Beatles denied it of course. But apparently they'd put all sorts of hidden hints about his 1966 death into their songs. For example if you play a revolution 9 backwards - you'll hear the secret message turn me on dead man. Paul's heavenly like appearance on the famous Abbey Road album has also led people to believe he's gone to a better place.

7. Tupac is alive.

To keep they hope such a sweater brother majorly while rumors often circulate that living celebrities are actually dead. There are even more stories about dead celebrities being alive and in hiding the rapper Tupac after a lengthy involvement in the East Coast West Coast. Hip-hop rivalry was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1996 or so. They say many fans conspiracy theorists and others believe that Tupac is still alive today the Internet is filled with photos and videos of supposed sightings which claim they are proof that the rapper lives. Tupac isn't the only musician to be attached to this type of rumor as people still claim to see Elvis.

6. Beyonce's fake pregnancy

This rumor states that when she was pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy - Beyonce was actually wearing a fake baby bump and apparently a surrogate mother was actually carrying her child which wound up in a kitchen sink. The rumors started because she continued to give very complicated and difficult performances during the first few months of her pregnancy. The rumors escalated when her stomach appeared to collapse or deflate when she sat down during a TV interview. Beyonce categorically denies it. It could just be that her dress was folding but who can say for sure.

5. Angelina Jolie's incest

In 2011 won an Oscar for her role in “Girl Interrupted” but that's not the most memorable thing to happen during the award ceremony. She's been spotted being especially close with her brother James Haven. At least that's what it looked like to audiences all evening. Then in her acceptance speech she said she was in love with him and it culminated in a scandalous kiss. And not just a sisterly peck but a full-on kiss on the lips. This act led to a never-ending onslaught of rumours that the two were having an incestuous affair. We wonder how their dad Jon Voight felt about that.

4. Richard Gere's gerbil ectomy

One of the most bizarre rumors out there is the strange tale of Richard Gere his butt and a rodent in the mid-80s. A rumor started circulating that Gere went to the hospital to have a live gerbil removed from his anal cavity. The rodent was allegedly inserted through a tube as part of a supposed sexual practice called gerbiling. In spite of or perhaps because of how utterly ridiculous the rumor is it's stuck around for a very long time and has even been referenced in popular culture.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite

It's hard to guess where this rumor came from. Unless it's just a product of Jamie being a unisex name. Whatever the reason - some people believe that the actress was born a hermaphrodite with both male and female genitalia. According to the myth her male sex organs were surgically removed and she was raised as a girl.

2. Marilyn Manson's ribs or lack thereof

To disagree there have been plenty of wild rumors about industrial rocker Marilyn Manson. One of the strangest rumors out there though is that he had his lower ribs surgically removed. Why would anyone do this you may be asking - well according to the tale he did it so he could perform autofellatio. Yep that means giving yourself a blowjob. It's not the first time that rumors relating to celebrities ribs have circulated. Though there's also an urban legend that Cher had her ribs removed in order to make herself thinner.

1. Rod Stewart's semen filled stomach was pumped.

Okay, Rod once needed to get his stomach pumped after an encounter with sailors at a gay bar in San Diego. This piece of gossip is not only malicious but also just straight-up gross legend has it that Rod Stewart went to the hospital in San Diego and had between a pint and a gallon. The stories vary on the exact amount of human semen pumped from his stomach. The British rock star allegedly found himself in this uncomfortable position after servicing 17 men at a sailors bar. Stewart alleges that this rumor was started by Tony Toon - a scorned publicist who was out to get him. Whether or not that's true we can say that Toon was effective in getting the word out about his client.

November 6, 2017